nuovo "tigre baby" mini - auto, doppia guida, colorati luci, puoi configurare il controllo remoto
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  • Prodotti principali: baby electric triciclo bambino culla passeggino twist auto
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  • nuovo "tigre baby" mini - auto, doppia guida, colorati luci, puoi configurare il controllo remoto
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  • Informazioni sul prodotto:b082 cartoon mini electric wall - e auto, doppio drive, con bella musica e luci colorate, orecchie per controllare la direzione e a controllare, se utilizzare dispositivi telecomandati richiedono ulteriori 40 yuan.
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Sopra 20pcs   175.00 yuan/pc
10pcs ~19pcs   185.00 yuan/pc
1pcs ~9pcs   195.00 yuan/pc
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Quantità della fornitura: 95pcs
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"Kiki baby" cartoon mini electric car, dual drive, with lovely music and coloredlights, Binaural direction and steering control, configuring the remote control device needs plus 40 Yuan

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Product details
★ multi-function music, interior space and curves of comfort, give the child more realistic driving pleasure
★ retreat has forward gears and gear and steering, give their children more fun to drive

★ Do not use the remote control can be done by foot on the gas and steer the car driving, vehicle lights, backup lights

★ 3-8 years of age-appropriate
★ maximum load 20KG
★ with current overload protection device
★ fitted with a seat belt, driving safer
★ is equipped with four-way remote control

★ Music steering wheel: open the toys switch, front lights with the sound of the car to start, steering wheel with dynamic music and songs, closer to the baby's taste and pleasure
★ dimensions: 95*58*56.5cm (l x w x h)
★ packing size: 105*63*38cm (l x w x h)
net weight ★ /Weight: 11.2kg/14.8kg
★ battery: 6V-5AH
★ motors: 20W
★ color: red, pink, green, white


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