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Bamboo brand 500 ml acrylic paints 中文版| Report Item
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  • Updated: 2016-10-18 15:28
  • Item code: 770# size: 300ml plastic bottles (30 bottles/carton) specifications: 500ml plastic bottle (24 bottles/carton) size: 40*33*13cm size: 40*30*21cm gross/net weight: 12/11.4kg gross/net weight: 12/11.4kg non-toxic
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Above 10000pcs   ¥ 17.30 /pc
1200pcs ~9999pcs   ¥ 17.50 /pc
120pcs ~1199pcs   ¥ 18.50 /pc
Price above includes all cost to deliver in Yiwu only
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Bamboo acrylic painting pigments, is based on acrylic resin as the binder for water-soluble paints, dry good waterproof effect. Brightly colored, fast drying, pure hue range, high tinting strength, high adhesion, high fastness. Suitable for thick coat, thin film, in various painting techniques, we have a lot of versatility. You can paint on more carriers, suitable for indoor and outside use. Is art, craft making, wall mural decoration, art teaching ideals of art materials. Does not contain harmful solvents, environmental health, harmless.
Acrylic General color:
Titanium dioxide, and lemon, and yellowish, and in the yellow, and NAPO in yellow, and deep yellow, and transparent yellow, and India yellow, and flesh-colored, and orange yellow, and orange red, and vermilion, and bright red, and red, and magenta, and kaminghong, and Crimson, and purple, and Mary red, and rose Nancy red, and light magenta, and purple, and qinglian, and sky blue, and blue, and cobalt blue, and blue, and Ultramarine, and phthalocyanine cyan, and pulan, and yellow green, and light green, and green, and powder green, and in the Green, and shallow grass, and grass, and sharp green, and olive green, and green, and oxidation chrome Green , Phthalocyanine green, dark green, Khaki, transparent iron oxide yellow, ochre, Orange Ma Si, clay red, transparent red, ocher transparent, Ma Si Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, weidike Brown, gray, cold ash, grace gray, Ma Si Black/Black
Propylene normal color codes:
44, and 21, and 22, and 23, and 127, and 24, and 114, and 115, and 46, and 26, and 7, and 6, and 102, and 3, and 101, and 110, and 1, and 11, and 310, and 54, and 104, and 95, and 91, and 35, and 36, and 38, and 37, and 33, and 39, and 31, and 78, and 62, and 71, and 61, and 63, and 109, and 66, and 56, and 69, and 67, and 76 , 72, 64, 29, 89, 83, 111, 12, 90, 82, 112, 94, 84, 85, 88, 55, 59, 50, 113, 51
Fluorescent colors:
Fluorescent lemon yellow, fluorescent yellow, fluorescent orange fluorescent red, fluorescent yellow, fluorescent orange, magenta, red, fluorescent pink, fluorescent pink, fluorescent Princess qinglian qinglian fluorescent red, fluorescent violet, blue, fluorescent blue fluorescent, fluorescent green
Fluorescent color code:
148, 149, 147, 158, 159, 154, 155, 157, 156, 153, 152, 146, 151, 207
Metal color:
Gold, silver, gold, copper, Pearl zhuguangjin copper
Metallic color code:
144, 142, 143, 231, 230
Interference colors:
Interference red, interference interference interference interference blue, gold, purple, green
Interference color code:
187, 189, 201, 190, 188
Pearl color:
Pearlescent red, Pearl White, Pearl yellow yellow, Pearl, Pearl, Pearl, Pearl red rose red-orange, Pearl blue, Pearl Pink, Pearl green bamboo green, Pearl, Pearl green sky blue, Pearl blue, Pearl blue, Pearl and dark brown, Pearl black
Pearlescent color code:
225, 213, 214, 208, 216, 219, 215, 223, 229, 217, 222, 220, 218, 224, 228, 221
Flash color:
King of color, Flash, Flash Flash Flash gold yellow, pink, silver, light bronze red, glitter rose, glittering Flash wine red, flashing red, flashing purple, Green Flash, flashing green bamboo green, olive green, flashing green, blue sparkle, glitter Lake Placid Blue, sapphire blue, Flash Flash Flash flash light bronze, Brown, black

Flash color code:
198, 196, 191, 197, 134, 210, 202, 205, 203, 209, 160, 193, 136, 195, 194, 206, 212, 135, 204, 211
Acrylic paint color code:

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