nonstick pulizia pulizia quotidiana del tessuto asciugamani a casa fa un piatto stoffa per diffondere la fornitura di 8358
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  • nonstick pulizia pulizia quotidiana del tessuto asciugamani a casa fa un piatto stoffa per diffondere la fornitura di 8358
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  • Informazioni sul prodotto:questo piatto di tessuto di fibre naturali puro materiale lavorato, denso e molto spessa e resistente, forte di petrolio resistenza, morbido, non appiccicoso non harden e quando pulire piatti lavati con acqua di lavaggio petrolio un andare, lascia che usi con tranquillità a riposo!accessibili, adatto per esposizioni, negozio all'ingrosso, al supermercato, marchio dell'azienda.
Prezzo unitario:
Sopra 3000pcs   1.17 yuan/pc
1000pcs ~2999pcs   1.20 yuan/pc
100pcs ~999pcs   1.70 yuan/pc
I prezzi soprastanti potrebbero essere soggetti a tariffe, dazi, valore aggiunto fiscale (IVA), spese di spedizione ecc.
Quantità della fornitura: 28865pcs
  • Descrizione
  • Packing: 47 pcs/ctn
  • Weight: 0.4 kg/ctn

"Product name": no oil dish cloth

"Product": 8 30X35cm thick

"The number of bags": 1000 pieces

"Material": a pure natural wood fiber

"Color": Red, yellow, blue, white, random shipments

"Objects": pots and bowls and other kitchen items, bath items, furniture .... And so on.

Using method

Super strong decontamination, rapidly absorb water, wear-resistant and durable, never oily!

1 natural fiber, green environmentally friendly;

2 decontamination capability, without detergent, you can easily make oil;

3 easy to clean, in oil-water separation, just rinse, bright as new, never oily;

4 Super water absorption, wash resistant, long service life.

Clean towels to use and uses:
Mainly used in desktops, wipe the stove, tableware, dishes, utensils, cooker hood cleaning and scrubbing, is the best choice for kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms clean.

Dish washing brush, clean the table, sink, stove, ceramic tile, and so on. Owner home is using this paragraph wash Bowl towel, really of is magic, stained grease of Bowl disc, with it in above wipe a wipe, grease on all adsorption in wash Bowl towel Shang has, then in water in the rub several Xia wash Bowl towel, grease on easily of wash off has, wash Bowl towel recovery has white, like new of as, whole process without a drops detergent, completely do health environmental, protection you and family of health. This baby to deal with spill oil on the stove, ceramic tile, or residues of vegetable soup on the table, but also very, very effective, rubbed off, no longer have to repeatedly wipe to wipe.

Time of delivery:

Take payment of 2-3 day shipping, (except for special circumstances, such as: temporarily out of stock, courier broke or uncontrollable factors of extreme weather such as snow storms! ) Us and your mood is the same: the faster the better!
Shipped throughout most of the country are required to relay due to geographical reasons, such as customer specified shipment is delivered directly to the specified shipping service delivery, if do not find we offer you shipping department shipping freight in cubic, and tariffs are different.

On the sign:

Please as I sign, as cannot I sign of, please confessed generation received people: prior goods again sign, as express not tie, can first signed good word, put express single took in hand Shang, on said let express together made a card, see inside whether sent of goods and single Shang match (can said: if sellers sent to of is a package stone I certainly cannot received has, this when Express member also on does not again Dodge has) stay finished goods Hou found didn't problem on put express single returned to express Member, if has damaged directly put single Shang of name designated off, All return courier--a denial of visas, are normal goods receipt process. but if it is a small problem does not affect the use, under the presence of the courier, direct telephone contact us wangwang contact customer service, we will properly deal with it, if the confirmation receipt which is the default for sound sign for, friends and family guard sign considered as I sign.

Evaluation of experience:

Dear buyer, after receipt of the goods found quality problems or has other dissatisfied, please contact us, communication, we will answer your questions as soon as possible, sincerely welcome your valuable comments! We will continue to improve and perfect. Don't blindly give us a bad review! (Blindly unfavorably customers treated as voluntary renunciation of all the after-sales service, bad reviews regarding our shop will exercise of their right to complain), heart to heart communication and build bridges of friendship between you and me, in good faith and you would like to be friends


The firm-default and recommended PayPal transactions, can guarantee both the security of transactions, if there is no PayPal or by bank transfer,, please notify us in time after remitting money to confirm payment and shipping.

Random issues: we are looking to meet guys for picking needs, but because of mixed production, in order to reduce out of stock after you shoot, we put more styles and colors and has little effect on commodity defined as random delivery.

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