i bambini bicicletta elettrica moto design unico dei prezzi e una migliore qualità luci musica 238
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  • i bambini bicicletta elettrica moto design unico dei prezzi e una migliore qualità luci musica 238
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  • Informazioni sul prodotto:238 electric moto, design unico, la qualità ed il prezzo degli stati uniti, delle luci e musica, un barattolo, 3 colori opzionale
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"Kaikai" buggies 238 electric motorcycles, unique design, quality and price

====== Company profile ======

The company's integrity and development, quality of survival philosophy, specializing in the production of all kinds of high, medium and low-grade products and wholesale sales. Its main products are well-known brands of electric vehicles, bicycles, baby walkers, strollers, tricycles, iron beds, wood beds, and more than 500 kinds of varieties, quality of products passed CCC certification, and some products have passed CE certification. Welcome new and old customers come to negotiate!!!

===== Description =====

Name: electric vehicles
Model: 238
Size: 75*45*36cm
Product description: easy (foot), diverse styles, reasonable price

Product details:

Product introduction:
With forward and backward and the left and right steering, offer more driving pleasure

You can pedal oil building and steering wheel controls driving, vehicle lights, backup lights

适合年龄 3-8 周岁
最大承载 20KG
包装尺寸:75*45*36 cm( × × )
Music steering wheel: open the toys switch, front lights flashing with the sound of cars started, the steering wheel is also equipped with dynamic music and songs, closer to the baby's taste and pleasure
蓄电池: 6V7-5AH
马达: 20W

Maintenance of common sense

1. to protect your baby from accidental injuries, you always have this vehicle inspection and maintenance.

2. cloth cover clean, directly with a clean brush Smudge Brush.

3. periodically check for screws loose, damaged parts or the stitches break, if necessary, replace the damaged parts.

4. when switched in and out, please operate according to the operating instructions carefully, so as not to cause unnecessary damage.

5. recharge 8-15 hours 2-3 hours, a single charge of no more than 16 hours , even without charging at least 2 to 3 times a month, do not use a damp cloth or wash in water, so as to avoid short circuit.

before using, please check all parts are installed in the fastening.
2, children as soon as they get in the car and the seat belt fastened.
3, while in operation, please do not let children come into contact with the moving parts.
4, when children take time, caregivers to leave.

5 , when children sits in her car to be pulled up or put in escalators and stairs.
6, do not let your child stand in the seat.
7, please don't hang on the hand, and this will affect the stability of the stroller and cause rollover risk.
8, do not over rough terrain venue, near the fire danger zone to use the car.
9, avoiding humid, cold or used goods store in a high temperature environment, and away from fire and strong heat sources.
10, please put all plastic bags and small parts (for example, wheel nuts and so on) away from children to avoid choking that may cause injury.

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